Just think before you speak

As we all know that in aggression we say things which are not at all healthy for our relationships and one does not recognise that mistake that time that in anger what i have speak and when we realise our mistake it was to late to appologise. So please just think before you speak and […]

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hello life

we all have to say a big hello to life as life is the precious gift of god but we all understand the importance of this gift when we left with very less time with this life. at the end stage of life we dream for a good life we recognise our mistakes and regret […]

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A Turning Point Of My Life

Hi everyone, How are you all. today i am going to talk to u all about an incident of my life. Friends when i was 15 year my father passed away because of kidney failure as he was a diabetic patient. i was only 15 that time and as i am the elder daughter all […]

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He – What happened you seems upset She I have one question in my mind but i don’t know the answer He- so dear tell me the question i will try to give the answer of your question She- No yaar how can i tell you the question.. He- if you consider me as your […]

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What to do

The main question in everybody mind is that what to do in free time and how to use the spare time with some work. So these are some works which i use to do during my spare time are as follows:- 1). I use to talk to my mumma as i am very busy because […]

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